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Do you have a revolving door?


Employees leave their jobs for many reasons. Some reasons include life events that are out of your control such as a spouse that was transferred or a new lifestyle when children are born. However, many reasons an employee leaves is in the employer’s control. According to research, the number one reason an employee will seek […]

Using Talent Analytics to Inform the Hiring Process


Using talent analytics, a systematic analysis of workforce data, to inform your hiring process reduces costs. Talent analytics help to make the hiring process more effective and efficient, improves the quality of the hire, and reduces turnover. The first step to improving your hiring process is to identify the current skills in the organization. An […]

Use Data to Inform Recruiting Sources

Dino Land

What are recruiting sources? Recruiting sources are divided into internal and external sources. Internal sources include but are not limited to employees’ ability to refer candidates, an internal career path for employees to advance or transfer to higher-paying positions within the organization, a database of previous applicants interested in working at an organization, and apprenticeships […]

Using Data to Develop a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Talent Brand


If you are a company that is struggling to find or retain quality employees, begin with developing a talent brand, a recruiting strategy that focuses on the employee experience. This is where the employees’ values, beliefs, and attitudes align with the company’s vision, mission, and core values. The best way to determine employees’ values, beliefs, […]

Deepen Diversity Conversations with Archetypes


What are diversity, equity, and inclusion? Diversity is a group of people who have unique differences. Surface-level diversity includes demographic traits such as gender, age, race, ethnicity, education level, etc., while deep-level diversity includes values, beliefs, and attitudes. Equity in the workplace is when all employees have access to the same opportunities such as a pay raise system. Workplace inclusion ensures that all […]