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Overcome the hurdles to increased productivity and profitability with solutions tailored to your needs.

Every time an employee leaves, it costs the organization thousands of dollars to replace them and upskill their replacement to a place of proficiency and productivity. Combine that with systems that function less than efficiently and effectively, and the organization loses even more.

Deliver Workforce Solutions was established to help small businesses develop effective teams, ideal practices, and efficient systems that will allow them to overcome the challenges others face with attrition rates, unproductive teams, and underdeveloped systems.

The picture is of three business people meeting indoors and shaking hands on an agreed course of action.
The picture is a business style background where projections of growth are charted on a dual bar graph (with a third bar graph seen in the further behind the front two in the background).
The image is of a businessman examining the company's workforce assessments on an iPad or tablet. The businessman is happy to find that the assessment scores are proving that the company has assembled the right workforce by matching right kinds of employee archetypes on teams, which has them working seamlessly together to create great synergy and profitability.

Founder & Lead Consultant

Kathy Schadewald

As a life-long learner, Kathy is passionate about developing and improving initiatives that help drive change.

Kathy has extensive experience and multiple degrees in the field of education. She is also a graduate of General Electric’s apprenticeship program. While in education, Kathy worked collaboratively to develop new college and technical school programs, such as Theatre, Aerospace, Informatics, and Automated Materials Joining Technologies. She also improved existing programs in Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Automotive Technology, Automotive Collision, and Construction. Kathy’s also had multiple opportunities to work with state and national teams to develop industry standards, processes, and tools (such as tools for personal performance and evaluation).

Among Kathy’s more recent accomplishments has been the development of a workforce model that uses a proprietary process to assess workforce lifecycles. The process has multiple entry and exit points, which makes it ideal to use as a coaching tool for businesses in the areas of recruiting high-quality, enthusiastic employees, increasing productivity, and growing corporate size and profit.

The photo is of Kathy Schadewald's personal archetypes, which are Hero, Sage and Ruler.

Vision, Mission & Core Values


Our vision is to achieve small business prosperity through the development of a world-class workforce.


We strive to bring our vision to life by providing the kind of development, coaching, training, and evaluation small businesses need for the development or improvement of employee systems and processes, resulting in their growth and profit.

Core Values:


Making decisions that drive change.


Delivering the highest level of performance as measured by workforce standards.


Listening carefully and asking clarifying questions to be sure we thoroughly understand our client’s needs, as well as communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.


Working with diverse skill sets to problem-solve and achieve goals, facilitating the overall process as collaborative leaders.


Applying problem-solving methods to analyze data and identify patterns and solutions.


Encouraging ingenuity and creativity as the sources of new ideas, strategies, and products for the purpose of exciting innovation and adding value.


Setting goals and developing a plan to reach them, sharing the process with colleagues and clients alike.


Daring to be different, as well as passionate about helping others succeed and making the process enjoyable.