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Employees leave their jobs for many reasons. Some reasons include life events that are out of your control such as a spouse that was transferred or a new lifestyle when children are born. However, many reasons an employee leaves is in the employer’s control.

According to research, the number one reason an employee will seek other employment is a negative relationship with the boss. The TV show, Undercover Boss demonstrates the frequent disconnect between employees and bosses. Sometimes it is due to communication breakdown, size of the business making the personalization of the relationship difficult, or just a lack of awareness of employees and their potential. Or, perhaps it is because the employee was a bad hire, which is a reflection of the hiring process. Once the problem can be identified, a solution can be implemented.

Another reason employees seek other employment is a toxic culture. Culture correlates to leadership. The leadership of an organization sets the tone and norms of the organization and employees follow. If there is poor leadership, it frequently creates a toxic culture. Culture is not impossible to change if the leader is replaced, but it will take time and effort since it can become deeply embedded. 

Employees need to feel valued and connected. If the organization lacks a caring environment and the ability to build relationships among coworkers, some employees may leave. This is especially true today with employees working remotely. It is challenging for employees to build commitment or loyalty without feeling valued and connected.

Feeling valued also correlates with the ability to use their knowledge and skills on the job. Performance and achievement lead to a sense of pride and confidence and a desire to learn and do more. Employees whose ideas, work performance, and the ability to grow in an organization are stifled, lead to an employee looking for a job that will provide the opportunity to grow.

Along with using their knowledge and skills, employees want to be able to produce without being micromanaged. Organizations talk about empowering employees and giving employees autonomy but don’t always know how to provide an environment that holds employees accountable without controlling them.

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