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What are diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Diversity is a group of people who have unique differences. Surface-level diversity includes demographic traits such as gender, age, race, ethnicity, education level, etc., while deep-level diversity includes values, beliefs, and attitudes. Equity in the workplace is when all employees have access to the same opportunities such as a pay raise system. Workplace inclusion ensures that all employees feel welcome to participate and contribute. When all three of these elements are valued and represented in the workplace, the benefit to the business is a workforce that is more innovative and produces the best products and services.

Where do you begin?

Begin by measuring your company culture. Every person’s behavior is made up of values, beliefs, attitudes, and experiences based on their life journey. Psychotherapist, Carl Jung studied human behavior and identified recurring patterns that are found in universal stories. More recently, Dr. Carol Pearson built on Jung’s work and created a framework of the 12 most commonly used archetypes, universal stories. 

Culture Talk, a local organization developed both an individual and organizational survey tool that measure cultural values, individually and across an organization. The baseline data informs the development of strategic action plans around hiring and retention as well as culture design and integration. Using the data, a company can define commonalities across leaders, teams, and individuals. It helps individuals to understand their personality and organizations to understand behavior, both positive and negative, to engage in deeper conversations.

As a certified partner of Culture Talk, Deliver Workforce Solutions can facilitate the process of understanding the data results and using the data to build healthy and productive workforces. 

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