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How Innovative Employee Recognition Programs and Incentives Increase Retention

Did you know that a growing number of job seekers are looking for organizations that value their achievements and hard work? As an employer looking to attract and retain top talent, it’s important to develop an inviting work environment that adapts to the needs of today’s employees. A key strategy to help with this is […]

How Does Your Interview Process Compare to High-Performing Companies?

Job seekers today are much more selective about where they choose to work than they used to be. In fact, 49% of US job candidates have turned down job offers because they didn’t like how the hiring process was handled. There are a few reasons a bad hiring process scares candidates away. It might be […]

Workforce Decisions: Do You Need a Gig Economy Worker or a W2 Employee?

From salaried employees and traditional workers to freelancers and digital nomads – the definition of work has changed, and the modern workforce is as diverse as ever. As a leader, choosing between hiring a W2 employee and a gig economy worker can be challenging.  It’s important to think about the specific needs and nature of […]

Guide to Building an Agile Workforce for Improved Performance

From new technologies to unexpected events like the COVID-19 pandemic, things are always changing in the modern workplace. Now, the question is, how can your company deal with all these changes in a smart way? Well, it’s actually pretty simple: put your resources into your most valuable asset—your employees. The trick here is to create […]

A Complete Guide to Developing an Internship Program as a Small Business

These days, finding and keeping great employees is one of the biggest challenges for business owners. Whether you do it yourself or hire staffing agencies or recruiters to help, hiring can cost your business a lot of time and money. One popular solution to recruitment issues for small businesses – internship programs. But why is […]

How to Create a Seamless Pipeline of Talent Through Internship Programs

Interns becoming employees

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the April Jobs Report stated that 266,000 jobs were added with little to no change in the unemployment rate of 6.1%. Employers across the country are screaming for employees. Growing your own employees through internships is a solution to the current problem. An internship program is a short-term […]

How to Scale Your Business

A group of people growing their business

Growing your business is a linear process. Sales increase and you hire more employees. The revenue increase as expenditures increase. Scaling is when the revenues increase without a substantial increase in resources. Email marketing is one example. You expend the same amount of work to send the emails that can lead to increased revenues by […]

How to Manage Remote Work

Managing people working remotely

Managing remote workers can be challenging. Managing new employees cause further challenges since they didn’t have the opportunity to build relationships with colleagues or learn company processes or culture. However, here are some tips on managing remote working. Establish daily check-ins. Make these calls regular and structured. The calls should focus on being able to […]