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How to Build an Effective Remote Working (RW) Plan

Building an effective remote working plan

Conduct a needs assessment to determine if the activities and work tasks are conducive to RW. If the answer is yes, determine how much time is needed for RW. Is it full-time or 2-3 days a week? Once you identified the amount of time, consider if you are transitioning current employees to this new role […]

What Makes Remote Working Beneficial and Successful?

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From last week’s blog, we learned that certain activities and occupations are more conducive to working remotely, primarily jobs that require a lot of digital activities. We also learned that productivity on collaborative tasks needs good planning to be successful. There are many benefits to consider with remote working. Some costs are reduced for both […]

What We Learned from Embracing Remote Working Practices

A group of employees in a virtual meeting

Remote working (RW) is not a new phenomenon, but the pandemic pushed it through cultural and technological barriers that prevented it from happening in the past. Several studies have since been conducted. Lund S. et al (November 2020) analyzed 2,000 tasks, 800 jobs, and nine countries to gain an understanding of remote working. The potential for RW […]

How Effective Leaders Manage their Employee Systems


A system is a collection of elements that interact together to form a whole. An employee system includes the processes used to hire, develop, and retain the best talent. Businesses invest in employees to grow and profit. An employee system maximizes that investment but one size does not fit all. Many businesses that existed for […]