Guide to Building an Agile Workforce for Improved Performance

From new technologies to unexpected events like the COVID-19 pandemic, things are always changing in the modern workplace. Now, the question is, how can your company deal with all these changes in a smart way? Well, it’s actually pretty simple: put your resources into your most valuable asset—your employees. The trick here is to create…

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Empowering Your Team: Using a Strong Employee Compensation Package as a Retention Tool

Metlife’s 2022 Employee Benefits Trends Study has delivered a crystal-clear message: benefits are more crucial than ever for employees. In particular, mental and social health benefits have become extremely important. Employees now look to their employers for increased support in these areas. But why are we witnessing this huge shift in employee demand for these…

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How to Scale Your Business

A group of people growing their business

Growing your business is a linear process. Sales increase and you hire more employees. The revenue increase as expenditures increase. Scaling is when the revenues increase without a substantial increase in resources. Email marketing is one example. You expend the same amount of work to send the emails that can lead to increased revenues by…

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How to Manage Remote Work

Managing people working remotely

Managing remote workers can be challenging. Managing new employees cause further challenges since they didn’t have the opportunity to build relationships with colleagues or learn company processes or culture. However, here are some tips on managing remote working. Establish daily check-ins. Make these calls regular and structured. The calls should focus on being able to…

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