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Contact Information

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Business Information

Do You Have Business Goals?*
If So, Are You On Track to Meet Your Business Goals This Year?*
Are You Making Sufficient Profit to Provide for Your Future?*
Does Investing in Your Business Appeal to you?*
Are You Getting The Results You Want From Your Employees?*
Are You Willing To Test New Strategies To Improve Your Hiring, Development, And Retention Of Employees?*
Do You Have An Organizational Chart That Identifies The Roles Within Your Business?*
Are You A Good Manager Of Time?*
Are You A Good Delegator?*
Are You More People Oriented Or Task Oriented?*

Acquire Talent

How Do You Attract The Best Talent For The Job?
Do You Have All the Following: Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Business Goals?*
Do You Showcase Your Employees on the Website, Social Media, or on Your Recruiting Materials, Etc.?*
Do You Use Pre-Employment Opportunities Such as Internships?*
Do You Have Job Descriptions for All Your Positions?*
Do You Have a Recruitment Plan That Defines Your Hiring Needs, a Budget to Hire, Where to Find Talent, Job Postings, a Screening Process, and Interviewing Process?*
Do You Have a Payroll System With HR Functionality?*


How does the onboarding process assist employees to acquire the skills, knowledge, and behaviors that will permit them to become effective contributors to the organization?
Onboarding – How Does the Onboarding Process Assist Employees to Acquire the Skills, Knowledge, and Behaviors That Will Permit Them to Become Effective Contributors to the Organization?*
Do You Have an Onboarding Process in Place?*


How Does the Company Help Employees Develop New Skills and Abilities, as Well as Update Existing Knowledge?
Do You Have a Performance Evaluation System in Place?*
Do You Provide Ongoing Training to Employees to Develop Their Skill Sets?*
Do You Use a Digital System to Record Your Data for Performance Evaluations?*


How does the company retain employees?
Do You Measure Employee Engagement?*
Do You Provide Work-Life Integration?*
Do You Provide Wellness Programs or Benefits (e.g., Gym Membership)?*
Do You Have an Employee Recognition Program in Place?*
Does Your Compensation Lag, Match, or Lead the Market?*
Do You Provide Benefits to Your Employees?*
Is There an Opportunity for Employees to Advance in the Company?*
Do You Use a Digital System to Track Any of the Above Retention Strategies?*


How does the company utilize systematic processes to retain organizational knowledge when employees leave?
Do You Interview Employees to Determine Why They Are Leaving and Use the Data to Inform Your Current Practices?*

Leadership for Continuous Improvement

How does leadership create, manage, and measure continuous improvement systems to successfully grow the business?
Do You Create a Continuous Improvement Culture and Growth Mindset?*
Do You Use Metrics to Measure Each of the Above Areas to Determine Gaps?*
Do You Focus on Communication Systems to Engage and Inform Employees?*
Do You Use a Mentoring Program to Develop Your Employees?*
Do You Measure and Analyze Your Employee Systems to Make Improvements to the Bottom Line?*
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