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How to Build a Culture to Increase Employee Retention

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Business culture consists of the sum of employees’ values, principles, and attitudes. It also includes the work environment and workspaces. Conventional work environments are highly structured and organized and are characterized by rules and procedures, while more creative environments are unsystematic and emphasize freedom of expression. Some use a team-based approach, while others do not. […]

How to Build a Fair and Equitable Compensation Plan

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Every company needs a compensation plan to attract and retain top talent. The compensation plan consists of a method for compensating employees including direct and indirect compensation for services rendered. Direct compensation includes hourly pay, salary, bonuses, and commission, while indirect compensation includes but is not limited to insurances (e.g., medical, dental, vision, life, and […]

How to Retain Employees: Strategies

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Good retention strategies result in increased productivity, performance, quality of work, and the bottom line. Employees are more engaged and committed to the mission of the organization. When employees enjoy working for an organization that values them, turnover is decreased. Four critical elements of retention include creating a positive culture, recruiting and hiring highly-qualified employees, […]

Discover Your Personal Brand

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Every person has a unique set of skills, experiences, values, and behaviors that define your personal brand. Archetypes are a universal framework of behaviors that can be used to package and promote who you are through stories. Everyone can benefit from personal branding, especially entrepreneurs, freelancers, job seekers, and young professionals to name a few. […]