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The recent work from home surge, reminded me of when personal computer use started gaining momentum in the 90s. I started thinking in two distinct avenues of thought. One avenue was the “old” way and the other was the “new” way. The question was can I do the same the “new” way and is it technically better and more efficient? I sat in my home office for hours changing all my hard documents over to word and creating simple websites in html. Later, with much anticipation, I presented my work at a professional development day. Much to my dismay, it was not well received. After lamenting to one of my colleagues, she said that’s all right your just an “early adopter”. I had never heard of the term, let alone the theory.

Technology Adoption Bell-Curve (Rogers 2003) 

I believe that we are at the peak of the curve when it comes to working online. What the Pandemic did was shrink the Late Majorities (~34%) timeline.

Work from home is now a necessity for some companies and institutions and has gained a sense of urgency.