Clifton Park New York 12065

Commitment – Make decisions to drive change.

Excellence – Strive to deliver the highest level of performance as measured by our workforce standards.

Communication – Use communication skills daily to listen and ask clarifying questions to understand clients’ needs. Practice communicating effectively both verbally and in writing.

Collaboration – Work with all team members and clients having diverse skill sets to problem-solve and achieve common goals. As collaborative leaders, facilitate the group process.

Systems Thinking – Apply problem-solving methods to analyze data and identify patterns and solutions.

Intellectual Curiosity – Encourage inventiveness and creativity, for they are the source of new ideas, strategies, and products. Innovation excites and adds value to our business and yours.

Goals – Set goals for ourselves and develop a plan to reach them. Share our goal-setting process with our colleagues and extend it to our clients.

Fun – Dare to be different and have fun trying. Be passionate about helping others succeed and enjoy doing so.